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Welcome to my homesteading page! I've had a city garden for about four years now and this year we decided to move to a 1-acre lot out in the country so we could become more self-sufficient. Since we moved we've added laying hens, meat chickens, guinea keets, ducks, more than a dozen plants, and soon to be meat rabbits to our operation and boy oh boy has mother nature taught us a lesson or two! We've lost livestock to raccoons (despite fortifying the coop), we've had entire species of plants not come up in the garden, disease, illness, falling trees, you name it! But the beautiful thing is that each of our mishaps has taught us a lesson and knowledge is gold.

Most farmers learn through trial and error, but I'm hoping with this blog you'll learn from our mistakes. Our goal is to save you time and money, so let's dive right in with some of our top posts.

Here are some of my Homesteading blog posts:

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