Fall Property Cleanup Checklist

20 Outdoor Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before Winter

Fall is in the air and most would argue that fall is actually "the most wonderful time of the year". Hot apple cider with warm cinnamon doughnuts, dutch apple pie, football, pumpkin carving, apple orchards, trick-or-treating, chili, bonfires, the fall harvest, beautiful leaves, and more! What's not to love? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but "Winter Is Coming", so we should probably carve out some time to winterize our homes for the coming Michigan snow. #adulting

20 Fall Exterior Home & Yard Cleanup Ideas:

1.) Plant your spring bulbs, shrubs, and trees.
2.) Garden maintenance. (Weed, pull dead plants, till, add mulch to flower beds, fertilize and compost).
3.) Last lawn trim (extra-low setting), pick-up sticks, & mulch or compost leaves.
4.) Trim trees & shrubs.
5.) Winterize your irrigation system.
6.) Paint anything that will be an eyesore when it's surrounded by snow. (Old poles, grills, and propane tanks).
7.) Re-seal your deck.
8.) Seal any cracks in your siding or roof to keep water and critters out.
9.) Thoroughly clean and winterize any outdoor livestock buildings.
10.) Store or cover any gardening supplies, toys, playsets, grills, umbrellas, tables, and chairs.
11.) Clean your chimney.
12.) Clean your outdoor dryer vent.
13.) Inspect attic and roof for cracks and add insulation if needed.
14.) Change the oil & sharpen the blades on your lawnmower.
15.) Clean your windows.
16.) Repair, reseal, or add gravel to your driveway.
17.) Clean your gutters.
18.) Clean and cover your AC unit. (Not a bad idea to schedule a home heating & cooling tune-up too.)
19.) Use a wire brush on any rust on your cars and cover with spray paint.
20.) Check the seals on all exterior doors & windows.

Optional: Spray around your home to detur pests from hibernating where you sleep.

The more preparation you do now, the less work you'll have to do in the spring when you're already too busy spring cleaning and planting your garden.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this list or if you recommend adding anything to it.

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