Easy 5-10 Minute Evening Chore Jar

Have Everyone Pitch-In With This Fun 5-10 min Evening Chore Jar

It can be hard keeping up with anything when you're a parent, and when it comes to keeping a perfectly clean house 100% of the time... we all know that's not gonna happen. But most of us do at least hope for a small amount of help each day and maybe a few semi-clean rooms. The solution? An evening chore jar!

Our family created this quick, fun & easy chore jar last month and it has worked very well for us. Now we've missed a few nights here as anyone would expect, but when we utilize this jar it really makes a huge difference.


1 old glass jar (I used an old candle jar)
1 piece of scrap paper
a pen
a pair of scissors

1.) Cut one piece of paper for every room you'd like to include in the jar. Here is a sample list including a few WILD cards and Night Offs:

Living Room
Family Room
Upstairs Bathroom
Downstairs Bathroom
Dining Room
Laundry Room
Your Bedroom
Your Bedroom
Play Room
Pet Bowls/Litter/Grooming
Night Off

2.) Write the room name on each piece of scrap paper and fold it in half.

3.) Place all the paper in the jar and put the jar in a spot that looks good but also where you won't overlook it. Ideally in the living room.

4.) Every night each family member will draw 1 piece of paper. That family member will spend 10 min each weekday (5 min on weekends) cleaning that room. They can listen to music and pick whatever they want to clean in that room as long as they are cleaning something. The goal is to make it fun and more of a "choice".

***Pro Tip - Grab a second jar and put any already picked pieces in it for that week so by the end of the week the whole house will have had some attention! :)

5.) Repeat & enjoy a tidier home with more help and sleep for you!

Try it out for a week and let me know in the comments how it went.

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