My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

10 Pregnancy Essentials

To kick off the start of my blog I thought I'd start with something I've recently dealt with and that is pregnancy. Our firstborn son is now almost 11 months old and boy did it fly by faster than even just one month of pregnancy. I like to say I had a relatively easy first and second trimester because I never had any of that horrific vomiting many women get but I did have some constant nausea comparable to car sickness I guess? I generally feel like the third trimester is just awful for everyone but I'm sure the more extreme symptoms will vary more lady-to-lady so check the next section to see if this is a good resource for you. Anyways, the list below is going to be based on my experiences so here is a short description of all my main pregnancy symptoms by trimester.

1st Trimester - constant mild almost car sickness like nausea, carb cravings, light-headed, sore back, tired, achy feet, small bladder, prenatal depression, heartburn.
2nd Trimester - small bladder, carb cravings, meat aversions, prenatal depression, panic attacks, small bladder, heartburn.
3rd Trimester - Everything, just everything. Always uncomfortable, achy, couldn't breathe or relax, insomnia, nausea, meat aversions, prenatal depression, panic attacks, heart palpitations, small bladder sore back, runny nose, leaking all the time, heartburn, oily hair, emotional train wreck...

This list could be pretty helpful to you if you are experiencing a similar pregnancy. I hope it helps you find some relief!!! Hang in there momma!

1.) Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

I LOVED/STILL LOVE my pillow wedge. 11 months post-partum and I still can't sleep without it. I tried two different pregnancy pillows and the one I would recommend is made by hiccapop, you can get it on Amazon for about $23 in a few different colors. It's great because it's a smaller pillow so it won't take up the entire bed, there are two different memory foam firmness levels on each pillow, and it is very versatile throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. Early on in my pregnancy, I'd use the softer side to support my smaller belly and later on I used the still soft but firmer side to support my heavy belly or back. It's also great for supporting your knees at night. I currently use it as a knee pillow and a travel pillow. When we try again for baby #2 I will certainly be getting another.

2.) Minty Gum

As I mentioned above I had an almost constant mild nausea comparable to motion sickness and some pretty bad heartburn at times, the one thing that would provide some relief (especially on the go) was minty gum. I went through SOOO many packs but it works! Just remember to visit your dentist for a cleaning or two since pregnancy is already hard enough on your teeth.

3.) Almond or Other High Protein Go-Packs

Having some high protein, travel-sized snacks that I knew I already liked on me at all times helped with my nausea, cravings, food aversions, light-headedness, and it helped keep my hangry emotions in check. No one wants to be around a hangry pregnant lady.

4.) Oversized Bath Towel

Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough, and you really don't need the constant reminder that you're getting bigger every time you take a shower... so ditch the 10-year-old raggedy old towel that won't wrap around you or cover your bum and go buy yourself a nice big towel in your favorite color! Don't forget to make sure your household knows that this towel is off limits! 

5.) Organic Cotton Panty Liners

I thought when I got pregnant I'd use less feminine hygiene products since mother nature would be gone for a bit but I was wrong... little did I know that I'd be CONSTANTLY leaking. I liked these organic liners that come in a nice 100 pack from Target.

6.) Reusable Glass Water Bottle

I generally try and stay away from plastic and my doctor wanted me to drink a TON of water even though I was clearly drinking enough from all my bathroom visits... so I decided to invest in a reusable water bottle. I was walking in the mall on my search for the perfect 100% dishwasher safe, durable, glass water bottle and I found THIS gem by Ello. I love that I can just toss all the parts in the dishwasher or easily hand wash it.

7.) A Really Nice Candle

Go out and pick yourself up a really nice relaxing scented candle. Now, this is a special candle that should be lit whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed. Let others in the house know that when this candle is lit, it's a clear sign that you need them. Either to talk, cuddle, a massage, have them run you a bath, or hold you. Whatever works for you! I personally struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks during my pregnancy and I can tell you from experience that having a support system is extremely important and this could be a good way for you to communicate that you need help even if you're too "shut down" or scared to verbally communicate it.

8.) Some New Clothes

Essentials include some new comfortable breathable underwear, maternity tank tops, a maternity dress, and leggings. I personally just went out and bought leggings in a larger size from the second-hand store so I don't really have a good recommendation for those. I will say our town didn't have a maternity specialty store and I really didn't have much of budget for new clothes so I found Target and Old Navy to be good reasonably priced options. Target was the only place that had in-store clothing.

9.) White Noise Sound Machine or Calming App

One thing that I found helped with my insomnia and the panic attacks was a nice white noise sound machine or calming app. This helped me to relax during panic attacks and clear my mind before bed so I wasn't awake the whole night worrying and not sleeping. There are lots of free apps on the App Store or you can check out your local grocery store for a sound machine in the baby section. If you do opt for an actual machine, I can tell you from experience that you'll use it when the baby arrives! :)

10.) Streaming Service

And finally number 10, a subscription to your favorite streaming service! We cut cable long ago but when I was in my third trimester, I just needed something to get my mind off things, so I subscribed to Netflix and binged away. FYI - I also ended up using it a lot right after my pregnancy during nursing sessions so I wouldn't recommend canceling before you have your baby.

That's all folks! I hope you find this list helpful and you subscribe for more great content! I will try to post weekly.

Thank you!

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  1. This will be helpful to new moms. Thank God I didn't have all the symptoms you did, but did have the cravings!,amongst a few other things... I like the candle idea.
    God bless ,


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